Design Contest Winners

21st May 2018

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Magigoo Corporate Gift Design Contest Winners

Last March and April Magigoo in collaboration with Cults3D and Fillamentum held a DESIGN COMPETITION to find potential candidates for 3dprintable corporate gifts. The winning prints are presented by 3DMakerNoob in his latest blog post

The brief was very simple: make a 3D printable model of a Corporate Gift! Cup, pencil pot, business card holder, trophy, etc. this had to be something we can offer within the framework of a business relationship. Something that would be a great corporate gift and that would represent the company well. A corporate gift is a creative term. It should be something useful. It could be something a collaboration partner would want to keep on their desk perhaps. The 3 winners will see their STL models personalised with a Magigoo logo. So, notice that you have to leave a place to set a logo.

The results were overwhelming. 80 entries  were received comprising some very creative designs. The entries covered expectedly both functional items as well as design art. It was a really tough job for the jury to pick out only three winners. 

The jury was comprised of Andy Linnas from Magigoo, Ivana Laila Drobna from Fillamentum, French designer Mageli and well recognised 3D printing blogger 3DMakerNoob. The models were scored on four elements 

  • 3d model originality and beauty: up to 10 points

  • usefulness of creation: 10 points

  • Photographic staging: 5 points

  • Number of likes: 5 points. 

The designs were all competing for a nice set of prizes. 1st prize will receive an Amazon gift card at a value of €300 and a 120ml Magigoo bottle. The 2nd prize will get free choice of three PLA filament spools from Fillamentum and 120ml Magigoo bottle and 3rd prize will receive a big 120ml Magigoo bottle. 

We are proud to announce that the winners of the competition were as follows:

1st Place: Corporate key chain 

2nd Place: Desktop business card holder

3rd Place: Dual business card holder

Honorable mentions: 

Our thanks goes to all for participating and Cults3D and Fillamentum for joining us in this design contest. 

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