FFF is Here to Stay

15th May 2018

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3D Printing is being adopted by many manufacturing companies at an accelerating rate. The Fused Filament Fabrication hardware and software have become increasingly reliable and with a surge of new materials to the 3d printing market, the trends are being realised at ever accelerating pace. 

CEO of Raise3D, Diogo Quental has pitched his vision for flexible manufacturing. Indeed, manufacturers are exploring desktop 3D printers to set up production farms for rapid prototyping and small-scale production of end-use parts. The increasing number of examples presented over the past 12 months is overwhelming and the sheer increase in demand that can be expected in the coming 12 months can cause a lot of challenges to keep up with the pace. It would also be great breath of fresh air for the overall 3D printing industry. 

Just see some of the publicised cases and decide for yourself: Is acceleration to be expected? 

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