Magigoo Pro Series Adhesives for 3D Printing

11th October 2018

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Thought3D on finding Magigoo adhesive solutions for industrial AM materials

We speak to Thought3D Co-Founder Andrei-Andy Linnas about the company's new industrial-grade products

Known well in the maker community, Thought3D is a Malta-based company that develops specialized Magigoo adhesive mixes for deposition-based 3D printing. Up until recently, the small company has primarily served amateur makers and 3D printing users with its original Magigoo adhesive stick, which works best with standard printing filaments like PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG and TPU.

Last week however, Thought3D announced the release (or imminent release) of a slew of new products aimed squarely at the professional 3D printing market. Still within the polymer/deposition sphere, the company’s new products were developed to solve adhesion problems for industrial 3D printing materials, such as polypropylene (PP), glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PP-GF), polycarbonate (PC) and Nylon (PA).

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