Magigoo Samples

08th August 2017

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Try it ! You will be seduced …

If you still have some doubts about the reliability of our product, don’t wait any longer and try it in the form of samples available in some of our partners stores. We have heard so many times people tell us our product is expensive, but once they tried and used it correctly they have seen that our marketing claims are not just empty promises. It is also often that we hear positive feedback about how long Magigoo lasts. That is why we hope you get to try this inexpensive sample to see for yourself. 

You will find a small brochure with the color of our brand accompanied by 1 or 3 samples of our magical glue, allowing you at least one perfect 3D print! Check out this great 3d printed stool - 60 hour print on just one sample pack on Creality CR10.

You can find our samples at all Magigoo retail outlets mentioned below, they are present all over the world! 

Here’s a list of all places you can get our Magigoo samples:


- The 3D Printer


- Maker Shop


- 3Dmensionals


- Mega 3D


- Felix Printers

- MakerPoint


- 3D Prima

United Kingdom

- Daemon 3D Print

You will find on the back of each sample booklet a notice to help you make your first steps with Magigoo.

For more information about retail points of your magic glue, please go to the Magigoo website:

Finally, get in touch by emailing us at !

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