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Magigoo is produced by Thought3D Ltd (T3D), a company with a passionate team situated on a small sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The main aspect of T3D is the R&D activities. T3D develops new materials and technologies to solve problems in the 3D printing industry. Its first market-ready product is Magigoo®, an all-in-one glue stick for 3D printing, designed specifically to keep 3D prints in place during the 3D printing process and allowing the easy removal when printing is complete.  We are a small, hard-working and conscious team, comprised of 3D printing enthusiast, engineers and scientists who have the entrepreneurial drive and spirit to solve some of the most annoying problems in 3D printing.


Co-founder, Automation and Production

Edward Borg

Edward Borg, a talented engineer with an international experience and awarded software developer and robotics enthusiast. 

Edward has been responsible for the necessary customisations carried out on the testing equipment and the design and construction of the actual mixing and bottling plant used to manufacture and bottle MAGIGOO®. He was also involved in the conception of MAGIGOO® and the research carried out to further improve it.

Co-founder, Researcher and Development

Dr. Keith M.Azzopardi

Keith M. Azzopardi is a PhD in metamaterials. Keith has been responsible for the development of MAGIGOO® refining its composition to meet the most stringent of criteria that the company decided were needed for MAGIGOO® to be a true solution to the problem. His work has contributed in making MAGIGOO® the best product of its kind currently on the market.

Design wizard, Testing and Printing

Etienne Camilleri

Etienne Camilleri is a 3D Artist. He has been involved in 3D design for many years. He is highly experienced using different 3D designing software packages. He has worked in various fields requiring design all the way from the architectural industry to the toy industry.

Etienne operates all our 3d printers and plays a key role in product testing.

Project Manager - Research and Development

Jean Paul Formosa

Co-founder, Commercials

Andrei-Andy Linnas

Co-founder, Commercials 

Andrei-Andy Linnas is a M.Sc in Innovation and Business Design with years of experience of growing start-ups from idea to seed stage and growth. Andy makes sure company is running smoothly, delivers on its promises and grows. 

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