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I need an SDS for Magigoo

Please check out our Contact Us section and sent us a quick message stating the type of Magigoo you need a Safety Data Sheet for.

Our team will do their best to reply in timely manner.

Contact us directly and we will happily discuss this further.

We are using standard shipping services that may take time. We suggest to always try to buy from one of our resellers nearest to you first, then if not available then buy from us. Shipments from us, depending on destination may take as long as three weeks.  

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After your prints have finished and popped off, clean the printing bed by wiping with a damp cloth. Yes, just water is enough. 

Plastic adhesion is a complex process with many variables. Ideal settings may vary depending on the 3D printer being used, heated bed technology, plastic brand and even the environment you are printing in. Magigoo is a really good product, but it would require some effort from your side to fine-tune it for the best performance. We recommend to change the temperature in increments of 5C or 9F. 

ProblemHow to Solve
Bed temperature too lowNot enough adhesion may cause release and warpingIncrease in 5 -10 degree increments until ideal adhesion
IdealOne perfect printPrint some more :)
Bed temperature too highMay cause “Elephant’s Foot" or warpingDecrease in 5 -10 degree increments until ideal adhesion. 

Magigoo has been designed and extensively tested to work with PLA and ABS plastics. It has shown good results also with HIPS, PET-G and even some branded Nylon filaments. As the composition of each plastic is a little different, the effective settings for Magigoo may vary.

Bed temperature in C40 - 6090 - 110
Bed temperature in F104 - 140194 - 230

For good and reliable adhesion we recommend to apply Magigoo every time.

Before applying, 

  1. Shake the Magigoo pen like you mean it, 
  2. Press down the nib on the printing bed for Magigoo to flow. 
  3. Spread more or less evenly on the printing area. It is enough to cover your active print area with an even thin layer.

N.B. DO NOT SQUEEZE the bottle to avoid applicator popping off. Applicator has a valve which is activated once you push on it.

It is best to apply Magigoo when the printing bed is cool, but it will also work if applied on an already hot print bed. Make sure to use Magigoo with suggested plastics and with correctly levelled bed and suitable printing settings. See recommended settings below. 

Magigoo was specifically designed for mobility - so you can take it even on a flight your in hand luggage.  

One Magigoo pen is good for on average 100 prints. There is no firm best before date as it will vary depending on use and storing conditions - Once opened, we recommend to use it in a couple of months. 

Magigoo® is best stored upright and away from direct sunlight. 

Magigoo is sold directly in our online shop to regions where it is still not readily available. If you are in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland or the USA, check out our Resellers and Distributors section. Our resellers have Magigoo in stock locally so it will be with you faster.  

Magigoo® works with the main plastics (ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET-G) in the 3D printing industry making the print stick firmly when the print-bed is heated to the right temperature for the plastic and releasing as soon as it cools back down. This unique and innovative behaviour means that no tools are needed to remove prints from the bed. They just pop off on completion. 

Magigoo® is a safe, smart adhesive that makes 3D printing happen. Magigoo takes away all the frustration from 3D printing making it an exciting and stimulating experience. It does this by keeping the print firmly in place during printing. This guarantees a successful print every time. In addition the print can be removed from the printer with ease once printing is complete. 

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