In this section you’ll find many different files that you can download to print.  We share with you a few other files which allow you to print some cool Magigoo Stuff ! Don’t hesitate to download them and share them with your fellow 3D printer friends!

Have fun!

Following files are shared as Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license.
This license lets you make amendments, tweaks, and build upon shared work for  non-commercial use, as long as credit is given to Magigoo and Thought3d Ltd and license for new creations is issued under identical terms.

Downloadable Assets
Magigoo Keychain
Magigoo Keychain (plain)
272 Kb
Magigoo Keychain (sla)
269 Kb
Magigoo Stand (plain)
746 Kb
Magigoo Stand (sla)
504 Kb

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8th November 2019
3D Printing Case study: How I printed my own Zoom rings
1st November 2019
Using Soluble Support Materials with Magigoo Adhesives
25th October 2019
Using Soluble Supports to improve Surface Finish of 3D prints
25th October 2019
3D Printing from a 2D Scan. Custom part for Laser Tag gun.