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What does Drywise dryer do?

The Drywise filament dryer takes out the guesswork when 3D printing hygroscopic materials. The Drywise needs just 40-90 minutes to pre-treat your filament and bring it to the best printing conditions before 3D printing can start. An in-line drying design assures that long 3D prints will always be printed with consistent material dried to best printing conditions.

Key features of Drywise in-line dryer:

  • Fast: An in-line design dries only the section of filament that is 3D printed, reducing the amount of work needed.
  • Intelligent: Smart sensors help to dry filament to the best 3D printing condition, avoiding overheating and over drying.
  • User friendly: A user friendly UI guides the user all the way. Exchangeable and rechargeable desiccant cartridges will eliminate downtime.
  • Safe: The smart sensor systems detect idle moments and switch off heaters for the safety
  • Upgradable: The list of certified filaments with calibrated print settings is constantly growing.

Detailed information, Pricing and Availability:

Drywise beta costs €1499 / $1699 and will be available for pre-order immediately on

A model for 2.85 diameter filament is expected to ship in February 2022 and a model for 1.75 diameter filament in July 2022.

Current versions of Drywise in-line dryer will be calibrated for drying Nylon and Nylon composites. The same models will be upgraded for high temperature materials later in 2022. The roll-out of machines is first available in the EU only and from July 2022 extended to the US market.

A limited amount of pre-order machines are available at an introductory discount of 15%. A Pre-order requires a €300 down-payment now and the rest just before the delivery. 

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