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FELIXprinters is a manufacturer and developer of 3D printers. The company, founded by Father and Son Feliksdal, ships out 3D printers worldwide since 2011.

“During the last couple of years we have seen a lot of changes when it comes to 3D printing material. Many new materials have become available and many existing materials have been improved.” Says Guillaume Feliksdal, CEO at FELIXprinters.

One of the difficulties we experience with many 3D printing materials, is the adhesion to the build plate. The very first FELIX 3D printer already had a heated build plate which improved adhesion and reduced warping of objects being printed. Despite the heated build plate, the harder to print materials could still warp and detach from the plate at some point.

At TCT in Birmingham in 2015 the FELIX team got to meet the Magigoo team and we received a Magigoo to experiment with. We were truly amazed by how the adhesion improved with just a thin layer of Magigoo, especially on a heated surface. We have tested the Magigoo with many materials and all we can say is that we are very enthusiastic about it. It is easy to apply, safely usable within offices or school and it truly improves adhesion of the harder to print materials.

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