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“Essentium tested an early design concept of the Magigoo Coater and worked closely with the team at Thought3D to provide feedback on usability and design for applying adhesive to the Essentium HSE bed. Thought3D listened to our feedback immediately and implemented changes that lead to an outstanding product. We are thrilled with the final coater design and functionality, and we are starting to implement it across our fleet of HSE printers.”

Brandon Sweeny Ph.D, Executive Vice President of R&D – Materials & Co-Founder

When I first saw the Magigoo Coater I was impressed by the rigidity and overall design of the roller. The coater allows me to save a tremendous amount of glue, by covering a wide part of the print bed with just one roll. Paired with an ease of use like no other, it is always my go-to before every print.

Corbin Antu, Development Engineer

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