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The Magigoo Coater is the new Magigoo Application product. It has been specifically designed to make the Magigoo application process more swift and practical. This makes it especially effective for larger sized build plates and for print farms with several printers. We have been working on a new version of the Magigoo Coater based on feedback from professional and industrial users.

What is the Magigoo Coater?

The Magigoo coater consists of a manual pump and a wide application head. This enable the user to apply a measured amount of Magigoo adhesive and quickly spread it around the build surface. The Magigoo Coater screws onto a large 250 ml Magigoo bottle, and is currently compatible with the Magigoo Original, Magigoo PP, Magigoo PC and Magigoo PA.

What are the benefits of Magigoo Coater?

The Magigoo Coater allows for a a quick and consistent coating of Magigoo on a build plate, giving an optimal adhesion, with an equally desirable release. 3D printing farms would benefit from the Coater, since it is able to cover multiple build plates, in a short time. It offers a degree of repeatability that would be very useful.

Furthermore it allows anyone to be able to effectively prepare a number of printers, as the operation would be easier to be trained to employees. The Coater provides swift application and reliability in an easy way such that any layman can apply Magigoo with it on a build plate.

Another instance that would showcase the strengths of the Magigoo Coater is when it comes to large build plates (500 x 500 mm and larger). Using the Coater, one could easily apply Magigoo to a large build plate in a matter of seconds. This is preferable to using unorthodox adhesives and tools such as brushes or rollers. Such tools may interfere with the precision and surface finish of the adhesive layer.

What are the Advantages of the Rubber roller

As previously mentioned we have been working on a new version of the Magigoo Coater based on early user feedback. The new version has one difference to the Thin Film Applicator version. The Thin film applicator version of the Magigoo Coater had a static metal rod as the spreader. The newer version of the Coater has a silicone rubber roller as the spreader.

It comes pre-assembled

Unlike the thin film applicator the Manifold head of the Silicon roller comes pre-assembled in the box. This means that you can just screw on the applicator head to the pump, screw in the Magigoo adhesives bottle and applicator head and ready to go!

More intuitive

The Silicone roller is similar in concept to a paint roller, it rolls and rotates on its axis. This allows user to intuitively spread across the build plate in an easier and more fluid application. Furthermore when using the rubber roller, there is less need to press down onto the build plate. It is simply like rolling a paint roller on a surface.

On the other hand the metal rod of the Thin film applicator is static with respect to the Coater – there is no motion involved. It slides on the build plate and carries the adhesive with it. This rod is specifically designed to provide a thin even layer of Magigoo adhesive of a precise thickness. Using the metal rod, one needs to press down onto the build plate firmly. This is done to ensure that there is contact all across the rod thus allowing for a finer, more precise application.

Broader compatibility

The Coater with the silicone roller exhibits a superior compatibility with different Magigoo adhesives on different surfaces. In fact when the following Magigoo Adhesives are fully compatible with the following surface when using the rubber roller. Currently the coater is tested to work with the core range of Magigoo PRO adhesives. Let us know if you would like to use other Magigoo adhesives with the Magigoo coater!

One additional advantage of the rubber roller is that it can provide more even coverage on surfaces which are not completely flat due the compliance of the rubber roller. Furthermore it is easier to touch up any missed spots with the rubber roller.

It’s Cheaper

The new Magigoo Coater is cheaper to produce since it does not require the expensive thin film applicator. As a result the Silicone roller Coater can be bought for around €60 less than the Thin film Applicator version

How to use

Other than the mentioned differences, the method of application is pretty much the same and a guide can be seen in this First use video. Similarly, the Cleaning video gives you a guide on how to clean and maintain the rubber roller. Each coater comes with a user manual explaining how to operate the Magigoo coater in detail .

The Magigoo Coater is a useful product to have if you plan on applying Magigoo to build plates of large areas, or simply to a lot of build plates! Buy yours now or get in touch on for more information on The Coater!

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